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myWingman to the rescue

alerts your Lifelines/loved ones if things go wrong

myWingman offers a range of services, catering for different Emergency Alert needs and situations
Run, ride, paddle, climb, walk, drive, get home, party, go anywhere - with peace of mind

The service that lets people know if you or loved ones are not OK or in trouble

Choose your activity

myWingman - enables choice of activity - and looks after everyone

Active people who go out on training runs, rides, treks or paddles. Seniors home alone. Teenagers going to parties. People going on dates with strangers. Kids coming home alone from school or outings. Or any situation where there's risk of harm or hurt and where monitoring for safety is important.

Appoint your Lifelines

myWingman sends emergency alerts to your Lifelines when help is needed

myWingman sends emergency alerts to your appointed Lifelines when you or your loved ones do not show - or if trouble strikes and help is needed. When activated, myWingman sends alerts straight away to your Lifelines - the people you nominate to come to the rescue and arrange help when and where you need it. Because myWingman, where applicable, can track your location from start to finish.

Locate in emergency

myWingman - helps save lives and trauma wherever needed

myWingman uses GPS to track your location – from start to finish. This critical in case of emergency. myWingman will send an email and SMS to your Lifelines showing them the details of your activity and your location so that they know where to go or send help.

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Sport and Training

When you go out training, running, riding, paddling, climbing or walking

Before you set off
Most times you're going training at odd hours and don't want to worry anyone, so you tell myWingman what you're up to, where you are going and when you plan to be back. myWingman also records your activity history so repeat settings are simply a click away.

When you get back in time
You tell myWingman you're OK – at the click of a button.
If you don't, myWingman will remind you via text, push notification and email to activate the OK.

If you don't get back in time, myWingman goes into action

myWingman will text and email to prompt you and then text and email your appointed 'lifelines' (family members and/or friends) to let them know you've missed your time and have a problem. They also receive critical information on:

  • your training activity with a recommendation from you as to what they should do if ever you miss your time doing that specific activity
  • the time you started
  • who you were with
  • what route you took
  • who else is being contacted by myWingman
  • if applicable, pictures of your bike or kayak so people know exactly what they're looking for any other relevant information.

Seniors and Loved Ones

When Seniors or the ailing are living at home alone

myWingman plays an essential role to send you alerts when there is no word or call at an agreed time from elderly or ailing relatives or friends living alone at home.

Kids and Loved Ones Coming Home

myWingman can be called upon to activate alerts if and when kids or loved ones do not return home at the agreed time from school or work, late night parties, sports or dates, blind or otherwise!


myWingman to the Rescue

myWingman, the emergency alert service that's easy to use and with you or your loved ones all the way. To give you and the people around you peace of mind. To send alerts to your appointed myWingman 'lifelines' (the family members and/or friends) who have to know if you or your kids are delayed, or if there's a problem or if something happens to you or someone close to you. Whatever the danger or mishap, myWingman sends out the signal for your Lifelines to activate help if, when and where you or they need it.

When all's going well, your Lifelines never get bothered and never have to worry.

But If something happens to you or your loved one, myWingman lets your Lifelines know as soon as possible that you've missed the return time and tells them what they need to know about your activity or situation - what, where, when - to trigger the help you might need.

myWingman makes it easy to set up the right information needed in the event of an emergency so that it's all quick and simple to use later.

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Fast, easy Set-up

This is a simple process that takes about a minute to get you set up. Then you're ready to invite your Lifelines.


Lifeline invites

This is made easy for you. Simply use our standard email prepared for you to send and invite your selected Lifelines. You can select different Lifelines for different activity types. Contact information of your Lifelines is then stored in myWingman.


Default activity settings

myWingman will pre-define a number of activity templates in line with your needs and choices at set-up. You can use these templates each time you start an activity. You can also modify or add to these on the web or remove ones you are not using.


Location tracking

When myWingman alert is activated three icons appear on your screen – Camera, GPS and Find me:



Press this icon to take a photo at any point along the way and send to your Lifelines, including a record of an accident or incident.



Shows ON/OFF buttons to activate GPS map of your route and where you are.



Find me function

The Find me arrow icon appears on your Alert Activated screen. Press the arrow and up comes a map showing where you are. A second click on the arrow and the map moves to show where you are heading.


Unlimited Texts

You and myWingman can send an unlimited amount of texts to your Lifelines

Fixed Service

No additional costs


Schedule Activities/Alerts

Activities include training or other activities. You can schedule alerts for specific one-off or recurring activities.

For example:
Training Activities
Running, walking, riding, etc. .


Daily or Regular Alerts

For seniors, disabled or ailing people living alone

For kids coming home from school, sport or outings on their own

For men or women returning from work at odd hours.


One-off Alerts

For teenagers going to parties or concerts

For friends or family going on dates with strangers


Alert activation and cancellation

You are in full control of the service and can at any stage of your activity activate (in the case of sudden emergency) or cancel an Alert (where your time has elapsed but you're OK).


24x7 myWingman emergency alert service only $3.95 per month
or just $39.95 for 12 months

24x7 peace of mind

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